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About Tatiana

Tatiana is an Accredited Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist & member of the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia.

Tatiana has left the corporate world of Sydney behind after working for many years in the IT industry to pursue her love of Yoga. She has practised Yoga since 1998 and decided to become full-time Yoga teacher after completing a formal Yoga Teacher Training course.

Tatiana believes that Yoga is a therapy & the use of Yoga is a way to become more healthy and happy person, enjoy the quality of life till the very last moment in this Earth.

Formal Education and Accreditation:

- Certificate of Yoga Therapist with the Vasishta Yoga under instruction of Saji in India;
- Certificate in Yoga Teaching with the Life Source Yoga and Health School under instruction of Christina Brown;
- Certificate of completion of Practical Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga course with Yoga Synergy under Directors Bianca Machliss BSc BAppSC (Physiotherapy) & Simon Borg-Oliver MSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy);
- Diploma of Feng Shui for Australia with Health & Harmony College;
- Certificate of Senior First Aid with Surf Life Saving NSW.


I am lucky enough to have discovered Yoga many years ago and I have loved it since. My path to becoming a Yoga teacher started while I was working in the IT industry; I was always working full time as an IT professional, sitting in front of a monitor for many hours a day. Even though I am blessed with generally good health, I still had ongoing problems with headaches, the occasional cold or flu, weight problems and ongoing stress.

After a couple of years practicing Yoga I realised that I no longer suffered from the nagging problems that I once had. I didn't have colds or the flu, even when people who were around me were coughing and sneezing; my headaches had disappeared, and I had lost 25 kilos and become calmer and more confident person.

I believe in a holistic approach to our bodies and now know that if any issues arise we, ourselves, are responsible for our own health.

As a Yoga teacher and therapist, I want to give people the tools to live a long healthy and happy life & believe that the regular practice of Yoga is a great way to achieve this.

So, for me Yoga is a blessing, a gift from the Universe, and I am really happy to be able to share this gift with you.

My Teachers

I was blessed to meet wonderful teachers who inspired me to practice and study Yoga more deeply:

Lynne Bagoen, my Iyengar Yoga teacher of many years, is one of them. Since my very first lesson with her, till her retirement, I was in a class every Thursday evening, soaking up the atmosphere of YOGA.

Christina Brown, who walk me through all the limbs of Yoga during my Yoga Teacher Training course is another. She shared her wide knowledge of Yoga with us so generously that I cannot overestimate that huge volume of information received from her.

Saji - wonderful Indian Yogis and fully educated Yoga Therapist who generously shared his magical wisdom with "Westerners".

Remy Quinter, who helped me to strengthen my body and mind.

James Sierra, who taught me to be tough with myself.

My fellows Yoga teachers, who shared their tricks, asana variations, techniques and thoughts with me.

I absorbed all the knowledge and different approaches of my teachers, steered them with my love to Yoga and share this all with my students, in the hope to continue to spread the wisdom of Yoga among people.

~ Tatiana