Feng Shui


Feng Shui… Is it something superstitious or something real? Some people believe that real things are those which can be seen or touched. So, keeping this in mind, are all other unseen forces such as love, good luck and kindness not real? Why do we all desperately wish some of these unseen things to be present in our life and desperately run away from others such as fear, frustration or bad luck?

The truth is that we are continuously surrounded by different energies coming from houses, things, people and also coming from our own thoughts. And those energy vibes could be Positive or Negative.

Where they coming from?

- The Most Powerful source of continuous vibes is the Cosmos itself - The Sun, the Moon, the other Planets and Stars. And there are also those planets that affect each one of us, according to the date, time and place of our birth; our horoscope!
Then there are the vibes of the place and environment you live and work in, and
the vibes of the people around you, too!

And all these vibes affect your luck, health and fortune by affecting your inner energy, your mind, body and soul.

If only there was a way to transform the negative vibes, and attract more positive vibes to you. A tool to help you become the master of your life and trigger your inner energy to attract more prosperity, health and luck...

The good news is, there is a way!

Feng Shui is about tapping into Universal energy to create a better environment for us that will lead to health, wealth, abundance, longevity and fabulous relationships…

This doesn’t mean that you have to fill your house with numerous Chinese figurines and unnecessary things. The idea of a perfect Feng Shui house may bring different images to different people, but they will all have one thing in common – comfort and coziness and positive vibes are a Feng Shui rule. In a good Feng Shui oriented house, every item will reflect the clear intent for success, love, healing and relaxation for everyone living and entering the house.

Like in Yoga, it is all about balance! If we are able to balance our environment in a way that positive energy overcomes negative, why not give it a try?

If something has survived thousands of years of history and is still present and thriving on our planet, it deserves our attention.

You have probably already heard about Feng Shui and maybe you heard that there are a lot of different “Schools” of Feng Shui too? It is true. But do you really need to know about physical laws when you watch sun rising? Or do you need to know the formulas of the porcelain that your vanity is made of?
We'll keep our consultation simple and understandable. We'll simply lead you through your own house and open your eyes to the things that you might not even notice yourself in order to help you overcome negative energies and attract more positive energies into your life.

Here are our basic services:

Residential Consultation - $150

- House analysing. This will take 2 hours in your house (Sydney Metropolitan area) or using your floor plan remotely.
- Comprehensive report delivered to you in 3 days after house analysing, outlining:
    - Advice on corrections, where necessary;
    - Traditional cures with explanation;
    - Personal charts of house’s residents.

Space Clearing - $100

On site in the Sydney Metropolitan area.
This includes a brief analysis of the house or space, determining negative sources, and the actual procedure of space clearing from negative energies.
This procedure could be useful, especially if you have just moved to the house and have no idea who lived in that house before and what energies are still hanging around there.
It is also useful after the loss of a family member, not in terms of removing energy of the person, but rather for removing stuck grief that is related to the process of their loss.

“Proposed Building” Consultation - $100

- Analysing the plans for the new building or one that is undergoing renovation;
- Report with advice on the placement of the building and room arrangement best suitable for the whole family or just for the flow of better Feng Shui in general.


Please note, that our services are not interior design services.
We just advise on how you can organize your house for better energy flow.
If you are interested in our Feng Shui services, please call or send an email to book a consultation.